Bins 1018 (1100 Lit.)

MYECO Group Bins 1018 (1100 Lit.)







Product Description

Container Corresponds to: EN 840

Transponder Slot

Flat Lid

Extra Equipment: Foot Pedal

Travelling Gear: Wheel Ø 200mm, Rubber-tired Wheels

Castors: 4 Guide Castors, 2 Castors with Brake and 2 Castors without Brake

Receiver: Comb Lift, Trunnions

Hot Stamp Possibility: on Lid, on Body

Embossing Possibility: on Lid

1×40′ HC Container Capacity: 100 Units


Volume (l): 1100

Dead weight approx. (kg): 53

Useful load (kg): 440

A Overall height (mm): 1300

B Overall width (mm): 1030

C Lid opened (mm): 1200

D Upper edge (mm): 1060

E Width (mm): 1226

F Width (mm): 1200

H Wheel base width (mm): 800

Material: HDPE


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